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Not much left in rookie free agent world


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May 1, 2002
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I realize a lot of you are asking about specific players out there. There have been a number of you ask about Rosegreen and Wilkerson. Here is pretty much what is left out there. If the name is not on this list he signed somewhere else if he is a known commodity (as recorded on various websites and message boards).

Atari Bigby S Central Florida
Cory Bailey S Florida
Morgan Scalley S Utah (we looked at this guy)
Jermaine Harris S South Carolina
Junior Rosegreen S Auburn

Marcus Jones DE/LB Louisville
Antwann Rogers CB Purdue
Willie Amos CB Nebraska
Derek Curry LB Notre Dame

Albert Means DT Memphis
Santonio Thomas DT Miami
Kevin Huntley DE Kansas ST

Jon Colon OT Florida
Bobby Meeks OG FSU
Mo Mitchell OG Florida
Sam Mayes OG Oklahoma St.
Vince Carter C Oklahoma

Tony Brown WR Tenn (We looked at this guy too)
Jason Randall TE Mich. St.

David Underwood RB Michigan
Ray Hudson RB Alabama

Bryan Randall QB Va. Tech
Jason White QB Oklahoma
Chris Rix QB FSU
Jared Allen QB Florida Atlantic (we looked at this guy)
Stan Hill QB Marshall

This is about all there is left out there. The guys on this list best meet the physical features that Saban is looking for. There are a handfull of possession receivers that run over 4.7 out there and some undersized linebackers and d-line.

So if your guy is well known and is not on this list chances are they have been picked. Ask me and I will let you know.

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