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not sure if this is good or bad.....

Jets fan here ---
I am not sure about that for our guys either...could be a big mind game trying to get the players to focus on what they are paid to do and really get serious about never see a coach say something like that about a team this early. If he is trying to motivate it is a strange way to do it....knowing the jets they will come out and excel at running the ball just to get so conservative in the red zone they are limited to 4 fieldgoals and lose by 9.
but at least they rest their D..and that's not what we want...Why can't they play the way they have for the last two weeks one more time.. I was chopping at the chance to see them keep doing the pass thing and not get Martin involve..he's their bread and butter and they forgot we had to deal with him..which means our O won't be on the field as much..It's not fair..Jets you get on my nerves..:yell:
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Jets fan here ---
you never see a coach say something like that about a team this early.

From what I've seen he just tells it as it is with no horse manure. His best quote last year was " I was born at night but not last night." :lol:
I give herm credit for telling it like it is -- but this one puzzles me -- i can backfire big time and destroy any confidence this team had left....they better step up! 2 losses won't be the season but 2 division losses are tough to make up....makes must win games later in the season and the jets don't finish that well
If you ask me, this is a good thing. If it is true and not just publicity comments(i.e. Raider's coach saying they won't pass too much against the Steelers), then this could pay off big time for Miami. My reaosning is this: If they focus on the run now, it might allow Surtain, if he plays, to not have to be as physical as if they focused on the pass. Also, changing offenses after 6 weeks of playing a different way, may cause confusion and poorer play from the Jets. So I am actually hoping for the cnahge in philosophy. Just my thought...

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