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Apr 6, 2012
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What I witnessed tonight was a straight up travesty! On the real though, we should've known this year was just a trail & error learning experience for our rookie QB. But we all got caught up in the hype. I must say this for the record, Ryan Tannehill is not clutch when it matters most and appears to not have any killer instinct. I saw first hand our defense give our offense ample time and opportunity to begin a drive and to make a game of it yet all I saw was dink and donk. I witnessed the same BS first hand that occurred under Henning's offense. Reggie moonwalked his way to minus 3 yards a pop. Predictable Sherman, with this conservative call playing is demoralizing to the entire unit. We are put in a hole every series. Run on 1st down which always puts us in 2nd, 3rd and loonnnggg. And of course we never convert or capitalize off of anything. Defense prevents the other team from scoring a TD but we are forever coming up short on offense. Why is this???? Special teams looks horrible with the exception of Thigpen. Dan Carpenter can go **** himself! Why is it that Dolphins fans show out on the road and represent to the fullest? Can't tell you how many Dolfans stopped me and said whats up and knew exactly how I felt about the game. Some openly said Ryan Tannehill reminds them of Chad Henne. That hurt my heart and all I could do was wallow in my cup of Coors Light. I hate to fathom the the reality that this kid doesn't appear to have the "great" gene. Time after time he fails and comes up short to rally the troops for one last push. He consistently comes up short. It sucks! We wanted him to be so much more. But we must admit, this was the knock after all. It pains me because we should've won this damn game! Penalties of course were not in our favor. The emotion on the sideline was pathetic. The energy in the stadium was electric and the weather did us a favor for mid Nov, all things considered. So why couldn't we finish? Where do we go from here? Coach Philbin I need answers...


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Jun 12, 2004
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Kids a rookie, first year, a minuscule 19 games in college. Henne played four years starting in college. Some 45+ games. Tannehill is raw and was never supposed to start. Let us draft around him an offseason and hold judgement till next year. Then if he continues to flounder, whine. And rightfully so. But until then Philbin will say patience. He's trying to build something with pieces missing. I know it sucks, but patience is your answer under a new regime. Patience yet again.
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