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October 5th


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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
Besides the obvious 16 Miami Dolphin games(hopefully at least 3 more), and the Sept 7 showdown between Florida&Miami I cant wait till Oct 5th. That is the day Ole Miss hosts Florida. This should be a classic shootout. Eli Manning vrs Rex Grossman. Florida lost 2 wrs to the NFL, but still should have a pretty good group led by Jacobs. Ole Miss seems to have one of the fattest and deepest group of WRs in the nation led by Chris Collins. Both teams also have NFL calliber TEs. If anyone happend to see the game between Arkansaw and Ole Miss last year this should rival it. I wouldn't be surprised if these 2 teams combine for 100 points. It also will be cool since both QBs will be rated very high on the draft boards when they come out. So if your a college football fan don't forget about October 5th.
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