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Offensive line / Offensive line woes / !! (merged 2x)


May 22, 2002
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Homestead, FL.
Offensive Line

Our Offensive line is Horrible they are need of alot of help. I truly beleive we should start Mccinney and Move Ruddy to Guard and Get rid of Spriggs at Tackle. IS there anyone available at free Angecy that can come in and help immediately.
I'm sure there are half a dozen pro bowl caliber o-linemen out of a job and just sitting by the phone waiting for the fins to call. But all joking aside, hopefully Dix will be back this week. As for other changes, O-Lines thrive on consistency. Making other changes now wouldn't help.....look for more reshuffling in the offseason if things don't improve.
Olines Do Thrive on Consitency, but I dont beleive this group can get it done. Do you truly beleive by making changes our oline can get worse
We've known from the preseason that the OLine was going to be a weak point; it's just taken this long for the severity of the weakness to become apparant. If there was anyone halfway decent out there they would have been signed months ago for sure. Spriggs is no kind of backup, we need Dixon in there now. Why didn't he start last night? Maybe his contract is up at the end of this season or something.
DIxon played on Special Teams and punt team,but I dont know why he didnt start
Our line is awful, no holes at all for Williams. That's with or without an 8 man front. Keep Nails and Wade and get rid of the other 3 clowns in the off season. An overhaul is needed. Dixon gets hurt to much, get rid of him. Ruddy and Perry just plain suck. This is killing our offense.
I agree with everything here from top to bottom.
-Line is horrible
-We knew it
-Miss Dixon a lot ( I thought he was going to play)
-No holes for Ricky
-Spriggs was shown getting beat so many times on replays that I started to be embarrassed for his family that was watching.

They are killing us.
I wish we signed ray brown in the offseason.....beacuse we need blockers now, and brown is still playing at a high level.....he is old and about to retire but tell me he wouldn't look good mauling some DTs and opening holes with nails at the other OG spot....that would be nice.....Ruddy was NEVER a favorite of mine and i can't wait to get him out of there.....anytime he faces a somewhat large DT he gets punished and pancaked!!!! i've even seen a LB or 2 pancake ruddy, downright embarrassing.

Our line needs a huge boost, hopefuly the return of Dixon can spark it....we need something...poor ricky can't sneeze out there without a d-lineman right there in his face to blow his nose for him....
Heh...and Spriggs was pissed and wondering why he didn't get the starting nod in the offseason.

Now I think he kinda understands
I agree about Ruddy. he has been mediaocre at best. But never dominant. What would it be like to have a Pro Bowl center in there and Dixon back? I would love to see Seth McKinny get a shot.
What abot Leon Searcy , we cut him because he got hurt,but I heard he is healthy again, why dont we pick him up.
he aint healthy he had to have surgery and is done for the season and probably his career...
We definetly need a center.But I don't think Dixon pass blocking at LT would of been much better than Spriggs. I watched Dixon the first few games he played this year and his pass blocking wasn't that great and he wasn't playing somebody in the caliber of Greenbays DE. He's probably glad he didn't play last night. What Miami needs is a good LT and move Dixon back to G. But Ruddy and Perry are still the weakest spot on the O-line.
Offensive line woes

Our line is KILLING us. Tim Ruddy and Todd Perry should be astronomers because they are always on their back looking up at the stars. That is our biggest weak spot by far. We are being man handled at the point of attack. Doesn't matter how many guys are crowding the line, we are being beaten man for man.

We need to get rid of Ruddy, Perry, and Dixon in the offseason. Dixon is good but is to injury prone. That fat waste of space Spriggs isn't the answer unless your question is "Who is the slowest, fattest lineman on our team?"

A few more things: Our pass rush wasn't bad, Favre was taking 3 step drops and throwing the ball short. It wasn't like he had all day to pick us apart. Our D wasn't stellar but it wasn't bad. Sam Madiosn had an awful game, but Surtain played well. Our D played well enough to win, our QB played well enough to win. Our offense though stunk up the field and lost the game between our turnovrs and our horrible O-line not blocking for Ricky OR giving Lucas time to pass.

:monkey: our truly offensive line
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