*** Official Atlanta Falcons @ Miami Dolphins Game Thread *** Preseason Wk1


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Aug 7, 2004
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It's weird reading a game thread backwards, but its preseason so I don't really care about scoring yet. I like seeing peoples overall takes of play rather than snap reactions per plays.

I'm not sure why the official site wasn't streaming like they said, so I will try to catch the recap on NFL tomorrow. Sounds like it was an interesting watch.
I watched it on their official site. The quality was pretty horrible at times, but it was there for me.

It was supposed to be aired on a local station here in Central FL but was blacked out at the last second.

I have noticed that NONE of those videos play when I used FireFox or Brave.

I had to install chrome in order for it to work.

I hate chrome & google, normally I load Chrome it if I need to then immediately uninstall it afterwards.


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Sep 30, 2011
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It seems to me that most fans would realize this is not the beginning of our season but it is the beginning of the end of our training and evaluation camps in order to determine which of about 40 players are not going to be with us when the season does start.

I realize that my being an optimist does occasionally blind me to posters whose only purpose is to try and demonstrate their football acumen by constantly belittling players. I have a category for those kinds of posters. I call them Lemmings and their negativity I refer to as lemming juice or lemming drops, just to be a little on the humorous side.
I enjoyed the game and saw some things I really liked in the running game (there were holes) and Rosen had some good moments. It looks like the guy clicks into competitive mode when the clock starts running and the drive gets going which was nice to see.

He showed a willingness to attack the edges with Preston Williams and was comfortable throwing into the middle of the field.

He absolutely made at least two wtf throws....one worked out, the other was an interception.

Preston Williams is absolutely going to get drafted by me in the late rounds of my fantasy draft.


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Apr 11, 2009
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The weakest links on the team are too weak to compete imo and ar going to get abused in the regular season if they don't use TC and preseason to improve. I really like Flores though and I think the team should have a clear path going forwards with what their needs will be. The drafting has been pretty solid so far from a slow buildup perspective.
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