Sep 17, 2010
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Any time a negative opinion on Tanny is posted, there is 10 thumbs downs, and people go nuts.

The reason why Tanny is just an average QB:

1) He can't lead his receivers. He's very inaccurate. Yes, the WR's can still make a play, but he doesn't give them an opportunity to get YAC enough.
2) He underthrows receivers on the deep ball far too often.
3) He has 0 pocket presence. Yes, many times the pressure is too fast to make a decision, but when he's sitting back for too long he will still just sit there, and eventually take the sack.
4) He basically chooses his receiver before the play develops. He tracks his man, and doesn't move to his next option if they are covered.QUOTE:

HOW MANY DEEP BALLS WAS THROWN TODAY ? 2 IS WHAT I RECALL , he hit one and missed one , and as for him taking a sack , the jags defence esp the guy rushing in front of college , he was coming at Tannehill on a jail break Marino or Manning wouldnt be able to do anything with a free runner coming at you like that , and as for as for looking to 2nd option on the pass to Sims Tannehill looked left stepped up into the pocket and hit Sims to the right about 30 -40 yards down the field , i dont know if we was watching the same game you was bro .
Geesus, you and many others didn't read my posts. This is a regular thing with Tanny. He had a great game against Chicago, and barely had any reps today. I was commenting on a whole in his 3 seasons in the NFL so far.
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