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Official Dolphins-Pats Pre-Game Thread


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Sep 7, 2001
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Tell us here you're keys to the game,predictions,stuff like that,here at the FinHeaven Dolphins-Pats Pre-Game Tailgate Thread! :cool: :eat: :happydrin :drinkers: :gossip:

I am nervous. Seems everytime we NEED to win a big game, we don't. Last big game I remember the Phins pulling out was the Colts playoff game.

They need to prove to everyone, and themselves that they can win today. It means confidence, and a belief that they can do it.

I need to know they aren't pretenders this season...cause honestly, I am so used to the "choke when it counts" Dolphins, that I need a little proof.

So as my sig says...SHOW ME SOMETHING!!!


The Key to the game:
Our team must score more points than their team. Go team!

Seriously though, both teams can both score points so here are the real keys:

MUST put pressure on Brady, force him to throw with a hand in his face. This will give our restored secondary more chances take advantage of Brady mistakes.

Don't make stupid mistakes on either side of the ball to stop our drives or continue theirs.

Eliminate giveaways.
Capitalize on takeaways.
Adphin,I agree wholeheartedly.Im so tired of "this year,this year,man,this is the year" when all i see are fast starts,slow finishes,and quick playoff disappearances.When got the tools,let's use 'em correctly.
Alright,this is DolFan31's Keys to the Game,brought to you by FinHeaven & Co :rolleyes: :goof:

Run Ricky! Also,use McMichael in everyway that you can.Last week against the Cheifs,we couldn't ge tthe ball to him.Using McMichael is sure way to spread the Defense.Also,please get the ball the Chambers and Gadsden,obviously.Jay needs to be just a little more accurate,but i got to give him credit for trying to get something going last week.

Pressure Brady as much as possible.Keep good tight coverage on Troy Brown.Stuff the run.We should be able to hold them to under 21 points,if we are focused mentally.With Surtain back,we can do it.

With AJ gone,Minor and Ward can show us something we need to see from the Return Game.AJ was stepping it up,but unfourtantely he's gone,so we need to put that behind us.Not sure if the Pats have any good return weapons,but just have good coverage.
run the damn football ... all freakin day.... let Ricky wear them down in the 80 degree heat...
220yrd game for Ricky = Fins alone on top of AFCE.
Sack! David Bowens!:D 26 yard return by Ward!!:cool: :)
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