Official Game Day Thread Jets vs Dolphins!


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Mar 13, 2006
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Well good for the Jets they won.Now if they sneak into the playoffs I hope they get smoked by someone,same goes for the Patriots.For the Fins they have alot of work to do.Gotta try to beat the Colts.Even against that awful defense the Fins don't have much of a shot.This team is
just an embarrassment.They get crushed last week to the bills,they come out and can't even beat an average jet team at home.So they get swept by two average division rivals this year. I'm beginning to have serious doubts that Saban is the man to take this team anywhere.

9-7 last yeah and a losing season this year,in a weak division, and in a weak league.Damn living in Philly I look at the Eagles who won 4 in a row and go into dallas with Jeff Garcia at QB and smash the cowboys,then look at my own team who can't even beat the Jets at home in primetime.Sad

Well let me go say a prayer that Daunte heals up to 100% and comes back to his 2004 form.He's really our only hope at QB.
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