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Ogden insecure about job

Originally posted by MDFINFAN
Ogden insecure about job

I quess we want him to be..but I was surprise by some of the info in this piece..

you mean this...that Ogden is

, the Dolphins' all-time leader in punt return average -- his 13.7 average the past two seasons tops the 11.4 compiled by Freddie Solomon from 1975-77
You got it Dol39, that surprised the hell of me...I didn't know that.
ogden bashing

Ogden holds the highest average in punt returns? Yet I hate to see him back there? I want him replaced by anyone.

I guess it is because he is white and not Tim Dwight.
i hope baker or simmons win the job...all i remember is ogden fumbling 3 times last year...plus he makes more money...
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