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Oh the road "TRIP" and our need to get a home playoff game


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Feb 1, 2008
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First, still disgusted and venom filled being short handed losing to the Jills, Eagles and Refs. Thank God its only 2 losses. I think they all matter, in the end having a home
playoff game ( and a first round bye... a kid can wish) is critical for us.

Last nights game helped me get off the ledge a little bit..... Those Road games can Trip you up, particularly at less than full strength.

Niners- Who have been anointed the best team in football. Lost 2 strait on the Road
Cowboys got lit up on the Road at Cardinals and Niners
Eagles lost to the Jets on the Road
Ravens lost to a Steelers team no way in hell they lose at home on the Road
Jills lose to Jets, Patsies and Jags(technically....) on the Road
Lions get crushed against the Ravens on the Road

Chiefs have yet to stumble on the road. Some can say the Jets got Jobbed against them at home.
Chiefs remaining "home" games: Phins, Eagles, Bills, Raiders, Bengals
Chiefs remaining Road games Broncos, Raiders, Packers, Patsies, Chargers- not exactly murders row...

I get it , any given Sunday or Monday or Thursday or Saturday late in the year. Each and every game matters or that home field playoff positioning

Depth absolutely matters in the NFL. Timing and location of games do to.
Lets Saddle up, get all the boys back and take what's ours.
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