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Ok 1 positive (merged)


Maria & LauRen Aha!
Sep 4, 2001
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1 good thing about the Pac game

Mare had the best onside kick I have seen. That was a thing of beauty - they should send it to Canton as the perfect onside kick.

:hail: Mare

if he can do that consistently, we should onside kick 2x a game. :rolleyes:
Plus it was great to see the Ray Lucas - Desmond Clark connection finally coming together. I know I've been waiting to see that since preseason. :confused:
and Minor continue to impress on KRs
1 more....

how about those NJ Nets ? :goof:
Ok 1 positive

Pat Surtain's int was unreal. He should have made the int with out the drama, but wow what a catch. He actully kicked that ball up to himself on purpose. On the super slow mo you can actully see him watching the ball drop, and then kicking forward like he was playing hacky sack. If somehow we would have won that game people would be talking about that play for weeks to come. I am starting to eat some crow about who i thought was the best corner on the team. Pat is showing up Sam cosnsistently this season. 1 more positve is we didn't see Fletcher at all last night. That is good when playing corner, since that means the QB didn't throw the ball his way. This the 3rd or 4th game in a row where that was true.
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