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OK time for a little prespective


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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
The main point here is when I come to Finheaven and read the the standings on the front page I still see Miami in first place in the east. Should I repeat that for all the Bills' fans? Anyway we do have qb crisis, but we have 2 weeks to figure that out. To help figure that out we will have our #1 WR back in Chambers, we are getting a little more help at WR with the second best WR ever to play signing today, and our starting LT will be back for the next game. Our next game will be tough, but they might not have their starting (futrure HOF) qb either. We will have our starting QB for the remainder of our big games(San Deigo, Oakland, Buffalo, and New England.) To put our QB situation in perspective yes Ray was horrible probably the worst game I have ever seen a QB play, but he can only get better. The main thing is he has to settle down and realize he doesn't have to win the game alone. Carter, Chambers, Williams, and Turner have 2 weeks to show him how to do that. On the other side of the ball our D is playing as well as anyones right now. Expect a fired up bunch in 2 weeks in the national spotlight.
At least we know that its in Ray Lucas' nature to bounce back from something like this with probably the best game of his career. He's that kind of up and down player.
And maybe this loss will change him...for the better. He's always thought he could play in this league. He's always been out on the football field to go and have fun. He's never been a particularly hard worker with a fine attention to detail. If you want proof just look at his pass mechanics and his touch on short passes. You can't quarterback in the national football league on piss and vinegar alone. Bill Parcells said it the best. Ray Lucas forgets about his pass mechanics a lot and ends up losing a lot of accuracy as a result when he does it.

All day long, his mechanics were aweful...simply aweful.
ckparrotheads words "strong like bull"

Ahh... Grasshoppper, When you can walk across the rice paper, without breaking it, you may leave this temple. CK, speaks with much wisdom.
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