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Ok, who's going to the Bucs/Dolphins practice Aug.10th&11th


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Jul 24, 2002
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Hi all, rather new here to Finheaven and was wondering who is going to the Bucs/Dolphins practice???

I usually post under the nickname PhinsFreakInClearH2o but the nickname is to long:fire:

I'll be driving over from Clearwater with some fans and meeting up with ckparrothead. Who else is going and where are you planning on meeting????

Here is a link for those that need directions:


Look forward to talking here and meet a few fans from the area at the scrimmage.....Who else in near the Clearwater/Tampa/Sarasota area????
Yeah I'm pretty sure I'll be going. If anyone else wants to meet up or somethin just shoot me an Instant Message my AIM screen name is CKBOA

It should be pretty damn good because a lot of our defensive guys like Larry Chester, Jay Williams, and Zach Thomas have publicly stated that they hold back a lot in practices against themselves because they don't want to hurt anyone (and in Larry Chester's case I can certainly believe it). It honestly should be even better than the August 12th preseason game against the Bucs because the starters will probably only play like 1 or 2 series in that game while in the scrimmages the Dolphins starters and Bucs starters will probably play against each other more.
I'll be there!! Also heading over from South Tampa. Should be lots of us from Finheaven there.

I've been to the last 3 of these things ('99, '00, '01). And I can tell you that it's INTENSE. There's a genuine rivalry between the players AND the fans. The Phins hate how the Bucs talk trash. And our defense is ACHING to beat up on somebody else's offense. ESPECIALLY THE BUCS!!
Originally posted by Sherif
I thought Warren Sap was going to retire if they didn't win the SB

Hey, did you read where Gruden said he's going to experiment with Sapp at TE and FB?? Sapp was an All-American TE in high school. So he can do it. Just shows that Gruden wants him involved as much as possible.
would be going, but i have to be in coral springs sat night for a tattoo convention...damn the bad luck!
Hey Muck.....

I agree that the practices Vs the bucs have been INTENSE. The practices sessions are better then the preseason game IMO.

Why do they charge full price for preseason??? What a rip-off

I went last year here in Tampa and also the year before at UCF, I was rather pissed when the bucs were contemplating not doing it this year.

I was supposed to hook up with a couple of people from Dolfantalk also, just trying to get all the plans set up before then.

If anyone needs a ride, I'll probably have a seat or two in my car.

WIT2K.2(Whatever it takes 2002)

Win the Division, have home field throughout the playoffs and win the super bowl. Any questions????
Last year was kinda disappointing for me. I hooked up with some guys from DT, so that was cool. But I hated those stupid tents inbetween the fields. So we had to run AROUND THE BLOCK to watch our offense vs their D. And not only was it hot and on a decline (looking up at the players), but their were red ants everywhere. That said, the fence was short and we were about 15 feet from the plays.

Then to top it all off, they called practice off early.
Once I noticed that our "O" was on the other field, I bolted around the corner and got right up to the fence with my digital camera and my video camera, got some great pictures. I was about 10 yards from the players.

A lot of the pictures were of the bucs but I took at least 100(about 70 were Dolphins pics)pictures , hell I even got Sapp to stop bitching long enough to get a picture for my wife.

Ever player I talked to was very nice and willing to give autographs and such, except for Mr. Warren Sapp. Funny store why he posed..............

Not judging Mr.Sapp, rather explaining my experience with him.

Once practice was over I got to meet Shawn Wooden, he was nice enough to take a few pictures and seemed like a class act.
He told the adults that he would sign stuff for the kids and then take a few pictures with adults.

IMO....... that's the way it should be.
Lookin forward to it. Hey Muck I'm around North Himes. If you want to meet up before we head out towards Orlando that might be cool. The three of us could catch some Waffle House or just meet in a parking lot somewhere then we can head out to O-Town and meet the DolfanTalk people. I think it would be pretty cool.
Might be cool to get some breakfast. I haven't decided whether or not I'm heading over Friday night or not (my sister and Aunt live there). Probably just go over on Saturday. Anyway, sounds pretty cool to me.

Hey, I know the tickets cost $10. But can I order them online?? I don't remember where to go. Not thru Ticketmaster, right??
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