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Packaged Plays


Jan 15, 2014
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With Lazor running the offense, this is probably some of the stuff you guys can look forward to:

These 2 sites do a really good job of illustrating the concepts. I'm an Eagles fan that will probably be following you guys some this year to see how similar your offense is to ours. :)

The concept is one we wrote about all preseason: packaged plays. The idea is to combine run and pass options so that calls can be made quickly and the offense can move at a fast pace.

"The downfall of tempo is that you’re not always able to adjust to what the defense is giving you in pre-snap," said center Jason Kelce. "You’re going so fast that sometimes you’re gonna be in a good defense to stop a given play. When you have a lot of run/pass options, then you’re able to post-snap figure out what they’re doing and get into something else. So it kind of helps weather the negative part of tempo."

One key here is that the control is all in the hands of the quarterback. Once the call is made by Kelly, Vick is the one who has to assess the defense and make the decision. The rest of the players don't know what he's going to do. They just do their jobs. Avant goes to block the DB. Jackson steps back in case the screen comes his way. And the offensive line executes its blocks.

"We’re just blocking the run," said left tackle Jason Peters. "We don’t know if it’s a pass or what. We just block the play that’s called, and sometimes you look up, and the guy’s running down the field. The receiver has the ball and you don’t really know."

On the Eagles' very next drive, they ran the same play.

"I think our offense is run-threat first, with just how he [Kelly] came in and installed the offense as far as pulling, giving, reading, quarterback options and things like that," Jackson said. "On the outside, we just do a good job of making it seem like it's either a pass or an option to be a bubble route. ...We look forward to whatever situation the defense is going to give us to take advantage of."

For the tight end, this is essentially a hot route. And once again, he doesn't know what decision the QB is going to make.

"After three steps, I’m supposed to turn into a blocker," Ertz said. "So if I don’t get the ball right away, then I start blocking."


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Feb 29, 2008
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Certainly looking forwarded to something new, and more aggressive that utilizes our talent. Thanks for the post.


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Sep 6, 2012
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I still think people over hype the kelly thing lazor only worked with him for 1 year, very much his own man
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