Padres deal Kimbrel for 4 Red Sox prospects

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    SAN DIEGO -- A little more than seven months ago, the Padres pulled a stunner, trading for All-Star closer Craig Kimbrel less than 24 hours before Opening Day.
    On Friday, the Padres pulled off another surprising move, as they dealt Kimbrel to the Red Sox for four Minor League prospects.

    "I think in this case, when you're trading a player like Craig, we needed quality and quantity," Preller said.
    The Padres believe they got all of that in this deal.

    The Padres received outfielder Manuel Margot, who was ranked No. 3 among the Red Sox prospects, according to MLBPipeline. Margot is regarded as the top piece in the deal, a player who could reach the big leagues in a year.

    The Padres are also receiving shortstop Javier Guerra (ranked No. 6), left-handed pitcher (No. 25) Logan Allen and 2B/3B Carlos Asuaje (No. 23). All four are now among the Padres' top 20 prospects, with Margot the new No. 1.
    Kimbrel, 27, converted 39 of 43 save opportunities this past season, posting a 2.58 ERA in 61 games. It was the first time in his career that his season ERA was higher than 2.10. His stay in San Diego, as it turned out, was a short one.
    Padres restock farm system with Kimbrel trade
    "When we made that deal, we felt we had a chance for Craig to be in San Diego for a long time," Preller said. "… But we knew if he came here and performed it could get to the point where if we wanted to turn around the asset, that we would be able to recoup a lot of value."
    Moving Kimbrel also takes $11.25 million off the books for this season and $13.25 off for 2017. There's an option for 2018. But in the last two days, the Padres have trimmed about $18 million off their payroll.
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    revisiting this one, didnt get to see him much when he was in the NL but man does he have fantastic stuff, love watching him on the bump for the sox! Hope the deal is mutually beneficial

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