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Pete Prisco has Chiefs to win as best bet


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Jul 30, 2002
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This guy is a total sack of $hit. He has lost all objectivity with regards to the NFL. He has picked against the fins three weesk in a row, and ofcourse has picked thr Jets to win all four. The guy is a total walking abortion and has no business whatsoever objectively analysing football.
my comments to Prisco in an email:


You are quickly losing credibilty nationwide. You have consistently picked against the Dolphins all year, and go so far as to have the Chiefs as your best bet this week. Your love affair with the New York Jets is clouding your credibility. You have picked them four weeks in a row despite the fact that they continue to look worse each week. I know many a fan who considers your columns and opinons as garbage now. Get some writer objectivity, you are bordering on the completely cluless line.

J. R. Garcia, MD
Reading, Pennsylvania
So I guess the Fish will go 16-0 according to y'all :rolleyes:

This is a classical sandwich game..........Pats are next

Go Bills!!!!!
I like what you said. Blunt, but not outright attacking him. The man must be a total retard. Rams over Cowboys would be a better bet than Chiefs over 'Fins. He really needs to get some reality into his life......
With regards to Prisco,
To quote the Rock:

"Who in the blue hell is this rudy-poo"?
"So I guess the Fish will go 16-0 according to y'all "

Uhhh... nobody said that either
From day one Prico has been picking against the fins. He hates Miami and is completely bias when it comes to picking games. Big time loser.
I don't expect the loser to respond to my email, it just pisses me off that he can be a top writer for a popular web site and offer no real OBJECTIVE view of the league. Even in his critiques of the Jets, he always has a sort of "The Jets lost that game", "They gave it away", The (insert team here) XXXXX didn't beat them, the Jets lost". I don't ofcourse expect the Fins to win every game (12-13 is possible) but this piece of cow dung has them essentially going 0-16.
I just want to know how anyone could take any game rather than New Orleans over detroit as their top choice?
I think he's picking with respect to the lines...

Last week I think he made the Jets his pick and made it his best bet. But, the line was like 7, and even the Miami coaches thought the game would be won at the last minute with a field goal. Considering the rivalry, I guess it wasn't totally outrageous. I don't know what the line is on us this time around against the Chiefs, but if its once again outrageous like 6 or above, then I'm thinking that he just thinks that the KC offense is pretty good and they are at home so they'll keep it close.
Hmm, the line is only 3.

Ok, yeah, its a little outrageous that Pete is picking the Chiefs as his "best bet" here. He definitely has lost respectability for that one.

On the bright side, if it were in Miami, the line would be 6. And if it were at a neutral site it would be 4.5

I don't like Vegas's hesitation on this game. I think it will be close.
I don't give a crap how he is picking. The guy is a total moron. Anyone know if he picked us to lose to Detroit in the first week? I gotta think he did. And besides, the line on the Chiefs game is only 3 points. That basically is straight up. How many games are decided by fewer than 3 points?
I think everyone here suffers from Howard Stern syndrome when it comes to Prisco. I am referring to how Howard Stern lovers listen on average to his show about 1 hour where as people who hate him listen to him for over 2. It seems you guys keep reading his articles just to see what he is going to say next. In this case you want him to make you upset about what he says about Miami. Why do you guys do that to yourselves? Its obvious he has little to no credibility why do keep going back for more? I don't even bother with him and very rarely do I read any so called "experts," pieces. Maybe you guys should do the same. It might make you a little less stressed when talking about the Dolphins.

Go Dolphins

:monkey: football "experts"
Maybe Pete's thinking is the phins will do a Fl. State and therefore pick the chief in an upset..this would be the prime game for a let down by Miami,,maybe caught looking ahead a little.
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