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Pete Prisco uninformed as usual


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Mar 10, 2002
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Naples, Fla.
Taken from his CBS article on players who need to come up big in 2002.

8. Daryl Gardener, DE, Miami Dolphins -- The Dolphins saw defensive ends Kenny Mixon and Lorenzo Bromell leave via free agency to go to Minnesota. That forced the team to move Gardener outside from tackle.

Gardener has his playing weight down 10 pounds to 295, which should help his quickness. He will move inside on passing downs.

The move outside should help Gardener with his back troubles. He has had two surgeries the past two seasons to alleviate back trouble, but felt no effects of that at the team's recent minicamp.

He should be a much better anchor against the run than either Mixon or Bromell, which should help the run defense. But he has to be able to make some plays off the edge on early downs as well.

Moving Gardener outside is a risk in part because he is so good inside. But if he can make the transition a smooth one, and a young tackle such as Ernest Grant or Jermaine Haley can prove to be a solid starter, the Dolphins line will be much improved.

Uhhmm, Pete, ever heard of Larry Chester?
He was only one of the first FA signed this offseason!
Hey DCH if your reading please please point that out to Chester and see if you can get some comments from him to post here and shove under Prisco's nose.

By the way did you know Prisco is actually based here in Florida too? He's the NFL/Florida sports writer for CBS sportsline. How pathetic it is when he never has a handle on the phins.
I hate this guy, He is the worst sports writer i have ever read...I mean i think he's probably like a GOLF analyst, forced to do football, coz he doesnt know jack about football!
Here's my email to Pete the Prick.
I will post the response when and if he replies.

Hey Pete, just read your article on the players who need to come up big in 2002, and I just wanted to inform you that you made a huge error in the Darell Gardener portion of that article.
You stated that the fins would look to E. Grant, and J. Hailey to replace Gardener in the starting lineup.
You neglected to mention that the fins already have penciled in Larry Chester in the starting lineup next to Tim Bowens.
He was one of the first free agents signed this off season.
Just thought you would like the info.
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