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Peter King on Dan Marino


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Sep 11, 2002
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Dont know if this was posted. Nice blurb on Dan.

"I think I have to pay tribute to Dan Marino here for a minute. I am now working with Marino on HBO's Inside the NFL show. So I've spent a good chunk of three days with him in the last couple of weeks. Gotten to know him a little bit. When Marino was playing, and you wrote about football, you did not get to know Dan Marino. He didn't let many media people -- that I know of, anyway -- into his world. Nice enough guy, I thought. But how would I know? Now that we're working together, I see a real person. He pines about not playing football anymore, though he's smart enough to know that his arm is willing and able but his legs are not. He tells good stories. He argues, respectfully, back and forth about the issues of the day in football. Last Thursday, while we taped the show in New York, I got word that I may have to write something about Johnny Unitas. I said to him: "Hey, before we leave today, can we talk about Johnny U. for a few minutes?" He said sure. Well, the day got hectic and it never happened. I understood. I figured if I needed him, I had his number and I'd call him. Well, the next morning, about 11 o'clock, I'm driving from the Atlanta airport to the Falcons complex, and my cell rings. "Peter, it's Dan," Marino said. "Listen, I'm sorry. I know you wanted to talk to me yesterday about Unitas, and I was on the plane last night kicking myself for forgetting. Sorry. What do you need?" I believe you did a nice job with your boy, Mr. and Mrs. Marino"
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