Pff - Grading All 32 First Rounders After Week 8


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Aug 6, 2008
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Churubusco, Indiana
I'm looking at them right now. If Gesicki is such a bad TE, then why is he neck and neck with Goedert minus the TD production? I said it before that Goedert has a better QB, better offensive scheme, better mentor in Ertz; yet Gesicki is still right next to him in production.

We are 8 games into the NFL season right now and I firmly believe that if you switch teams for both, we would be wishing we had drafted Gesicki.
TIme will tell, hopefully I'm wrong


Apr 23, 2010
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Which rookie TE is out producing Gesicki so much that it is a shame to have him on the team? I'm not really getting the Gesicki hate lately. HIs on the field production has been solid for the chances that he gets.
I've not been a fan of Gesicki's play to this point, but you are right way too early to give up on him. He's a very rough diamond though that I hope our coaching staff have the tools to be able to polish. Think the hate is coming two perspectives, the off season hype on the kid, all those statement thrown out there about how he was lighting up practice, that's obviously not translated to the real games. And also from O'Leary being signed off the street and out playing him, accomplished blocker and not awful in the passing game.

Not going to judge Gesicki on this year, he's got to improve in year 2 though otherwise could be another Charles Harris of a draft pick.
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