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**Phins/Raiders Post Game...

I agree with most of this. But I do think he's being conservative, probably because he has more faith in his defense now and doesn't mind winning 20-13 instead of 45-13. Having said that, they reported on the broadcast that the trainer cleared Achane to return. We were in a one score game but yet Achane didn't return. I hope it's because Mike believes we don't need to be at full strength to beat some of these teams and he wants to be at full strength in week 16 and on. I don't have a problem with it. I think that's a good thing that he thinks his team is so good. But, bottom line is he is being conservative with some of these returns. Nobody will be able to convince me otherwise.
I agree that he is. He believes it is more important to have everyone as healthy as possible for January, rather than risk players that aren't quite right for teams we should beat regardless.

Is there a risk of losing a game over it? Sure.

Is that risk worth the possible reward? To him it apparently is, and I'm fine with it. He surely has a better handle on it than do I.
Take a chill pill Ray. The Chiefs offense hasn’t been clicking for most of the season and nobody is saying that they are in desperate shape.

While I agree the Dolphins offense hasn’t been as effective in the last month as it was early in the season, I believe the loss of Achane and the numerous injuries on the offensive line has caused the offense to struggle the past month.

Obviously they need to reduce their turnovers but they have still have won all the games they were expected to win even with a reduced output from the offense.

Hopefully they will get Hunt back healthy soon, along with Achane. The defense is beginning to play at a higher level and that should continue to take less pressure off the offense.

The important thing is for the entire team to be playing its best ball at the end of the season and in the playoffs.
Most every team goes through a period where the offense struggles to score points or the defense isn’t playing well.

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