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Feb 29, 2008
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To correct that issue you have to make it just about as easy as blinking to obtain money from everyone. 95% of people aren’t gonna pitch out $25 - they will tell themselves it’s just a forum and they don’t need this and that they have others financial priorities.

Make each member sign up for a $1-2 membership that rolls month to month and i doubt those board will lose any contributing members, you will simply just trim some fat off of the membership numbers

Make it too easy to say no. $1-2 is too easy to say no. People will pay it

Just trying to help. No body will mind paying pennies a day each month to be here

It’s when you ask for lump sums do people get cold feet
Some good ideas and I said i would pass it on but this thread is really not the place for an extended discussion of them.

There is an "ask the mods" thread that would be better for a long discussion
All the admins and the owner can get into the discussion with you there.


Do appreciate the input :cheers:

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Sep 8, 2004
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Brothers there is always next month to help out the site if you couldn't right now. All donations no matter the size are greatly appreciated. Maybe if you were sponsored a VIP membership that you pay it forward by sponsoring another worthy brother if you so choose. Thanks again.:ffic:
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