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Possible Future Chambers #'s?

If he puts up the numbers- and he is more than capable of doing it- then he deserves to get paid for his efforts. Also, if he performs to the fullest extent of his potential, he will likely see a more lucrative contract than Booker since Chambers has the potential to be one of the best in the league. We'll soon find out how good he really is.

As far as WR's making less money; on the average they do make less than other skill positions. My guess for the reasoning behind this is that there are more of them in the league, than QB's or RB's, and are generally more easily replaceable. That is just a guess as to the reason however.
Actually if you judge by the contracts of the top wide receivers in the game, wide receivers garner more than most positions. And a WR that can consistently get open is worth a lot to a team. Hence the two first rounders for Keyshawn trade.

But there are also a lot of WRs that are kinda like flashes in the pan...they have a good year with a good team in the right situation then revert back to their previous level of play. They are usually late developers and they don't have the ability to post good numbers no matter who is throwing to them or who is surrounding them. I would imagine Marty Booker is just this type. Chambers on the other hand if he posts like 1100-1200 yards this year will show that barring injury, he is NOT that type of player but rather a legitimate top WR who can consistently get open and make plays no matter who is throwing to him.
So far Booker's had one good year. The Bears are banking on him being a legitimate WR threat every year, with only one good year of production to back him up. Thats why the 7 yr 28 mil contract seems a bit low. It would be like us offering a 5 yr 20 mil contract to Lamar Smith after his 1100+ yard season in 2000.

We have another two full seasons before we can sign Chambers to a very large RFA contract. He already came close to rookie of the year with his rookie campaign. If he posts two 1100+ yard seasons in a row, he and his agent likely will want to wait until he becomes an unrestricted free agent. I know I would. Why sign a contract with a signing bonus of 8 million in 2003 when he could wait a year and end up with signing bonus of 12 million in 2004?

Of he posts two 1100 yard seasons in a row, double digit signing bonus would be in order.
i think the dolphins will give chambers (and ricky) big contracts during or after this year...the dolphins like to pay their own players...they are both young and could actually play out their contracts...they will get big signing bonuses and low base salaries for the first few years...
It would be very rare for the Dolphins to give Chambers a contract extension after his 2nd year with the team. If I were his agent I'd probably flat out refuse because he'll get a lot more after his 3rd year, and probably a lot more than that after his 4th.
How is it rare?? Are you an agent?? Are you HIS agent?? You have no idea what the Dolphins are going to do....and either do we.
Originally posted by chambers84
How is it rare?? Are you an agent?? Are you HIS agent?? You have no idea what the Dolphins are going to do....and either do we.

Because no one ever does.

The trend is either wait for FA or sign them the year before FA ala Surtain.
All I know is the sky is the limit for Chambers. If he can stay healthy I think he will become one of the top 3 WRs in the entire NFL.
It is very rare for any team to begin contract re-negotiations with a player after his 2nd year. It just doesn't happen. Usually the rookie contract lasts 3 years unless its a first round pick which could be anywhere from 5 to 7. After the 3rd year though even if the contract is only for 3 years, we still have rights to him as an RFA.

If the team wants the player to stay, it is most appropriate after his 3rd year to have him sign the RFA tender offer, then renegotiate that contract with an extension...exactly like we did with Patrick Surtain.
Yup and I usually find you can get away with slightly smaller deals like Bookers in exchange for the fact that the person gets off the rookie contract a year early.
Yeah, but Fiedler is so bad that Chambers will only get 2 catches for negative 5 yards cause Fiedler sucks and should be cut or traded for some food. Chambers will amount to nothing because Fiedler is a bad QB Fiedler drops back to pass... int you could see that one coming folks!!.

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