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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
Since it is do dull around here, and there are no good sports on TV who feels like a prediction round?

Div champs:
East-Redskins(my upset special)

Wild Cards:
AFC-Jets, Raiders
NFC-49ers, Eagles

Conf. Championship Game:
Miami@Pitt Winner Miami
Bucs@Rams Winner Rams

SB Champs Rams( I hate to say it but this is a really great team.)

AFC-Ricky Williams, by joining a new team it could be easy for RW to take the honor.
NFC-Donovan Mcnabb, the NFL will realize how bad this team would be without him

OROY-William Green most talented back in the draft, and goes to a team that is commited to running the football
DROY-Quinten Jammer he is a shut down corner and goes to a team that has great LBS and a solid d-line

The worst teams:
Even if Miami finishes 10-6 they can still get to the Super Bowl. They just need to be healthy in the playoffs.
1. Miami Dolphins - Good RB and solid D. Better O scheme with norv turner.
2. New York Jets - Bad Secondary, Testaverde is still the QB. Curtis Martin will have to carry this team and thats why they end up second.
3. Buffalo Bills - They upgraded some positions including QB but not by much will find themselves battling it out with the patsies for 3rd place in the division.
4. New England Patriots - The fairy tale is over and Tom Brady's carrige turns into a pumpkin.(keep your eye out for Damon Huard)

AFC West
1. Kansas City Chiefs - 2nd season for Vermiel w/the team,should get something going.
2. Denver Broncos - Shannahan's playbook is getting old everyone has figured it out,TD is still there starter,Mcaffrey wont be much after the injury.
3. Oakland Raiders - The oldest team in the NFL and that was before signing Romanaski and Woodson.
4. San Diego Chargers - L Thomlinson a bright spot spot on a sucky team.

AFC North
1. Cleveland Browns - Their time has come good offseason Couch should be true or bust,most likely win the division.
2. Pittsburgh Steelers- There RB is worn out,but still has size, Kordell will comeback to earth they will battle with Browns but cant see them winning division.
3. Baltimore Ravens - Will land 3rd only because theres a cheaper team.
4.. Cincinatti Bengals - I serouisly dont know what theyre thinking I still cant see them beat the ravens.

AFC South
1.Tennessee Titans - E. George back at 100%
2. Indianapolis Colts - Powerful O if E. James at full strength which I doughbt. Dungy tries to improve D but wont succeed this Yr.
3.Houston Texans - Good expansion team, but only win 3rd beacuse the jags will suck.
4.Jacksonville Jaguars - Aging and fragile players will hurt the team, combines with big glaring hole at LT. They Finally realize theyre an expansion team.

NFC East
1. Washington Redskins - these overpaid players should be fun to watch.
2.Dallas Cowboys - I hate to say it,Uprising again.
3. Philadelphia Eagles - Good D. McNabb needs better weapons. RB?
4. New York Giants - BORING! Nuff said!

NFC West
1. St. Louis Rams - Still powerful, other teams start to catch up.
2. Seattle Seahawks - It's all about S. Alexander. QB play should vastly improve.
3. San Francisco 49ers - Flukes? well just have to wait and see.
4. Arizona Cardinals - D. Boston emerges as a superstar just in time to leave next year!

NFC North
1. Green Bay Packers - SOLID at most places ,Qb starting to show wear and tear.
2. Chicago Bears - Were probably better last Yr..
3. Minnesota Vikings - Did their D actually get worse?
4. Detroit Lions - Harrington plays excellent he just doesnt have the surrounding weapons to help.

NFC South
1. New Orleans Saints - Lines still strong. Haslett rallies the troops.
2. Atlanta Falcons - Improved, Vick should be dangerous if he picks up were he left off.
3.Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Despite RJ sacked 116 times, manage to finish around if not below.500 HA! Gruden struggles a little his first Yr.
4. Carolina Panthers - Peppers will be fun. New coaching and lack of talent hurt.

AFC Playoff Teams:
1.Miami Dolphins
2.Cleveland Browns
3.Tenesse Titans
4.KC Chiefs
5.Pittsburgh Steelers
6.Denver Broncos

NFC Playoff Teams:
1.St. Louis Rams
2.Green Bay Packers
3.Washinghton Redskins
4.New Orleans Saints
5.Dallas Cowboys
6.Tie: Seahawks,Falcons, & Eagles

Super Bowl:
Miami Dolphins vs. St. Louis Rams

Dolphins win it all.
If the patriots can beat the rams when they had a better D and a tiny better O (Aza-har) then we have a huge chance.

I actually think that the Phins will beat the Eags in the SB.

*Dont count your chickens till they hatch*
For the past 3 years all of the SB champs went into the season thinking they would be in last place. So dont jinx us that bad
My prediction: Unless Jay plays smarter, he will throw 20 interceptions this season.
Jay will throw INT's and RW will fumble. Our Defense has to be more opportunistic. They need to quit dropping INT's and force more fumbles. At this point I'll take a T/O ratio of zero and to provide a 12-4 record.
God Dammit!!! I worked all day on a kick ass research post and just lost it!!!!!! Man, it's all wasted time now. :mad:
Feidler??? EH??

I have been one of the biggest FEIDLER BASHERS on here but I am really optimistic that NORV is really gonna help him in the INT category! Norv will make Jay play within himself and not try to force throws in which only a BRETT FARVRE can make!!


AFC CHAMP- STEELERS (They had a great offseason that no one is talking about. MATHIS and re-signing those STD LINEBACKERS GILDON & PORTER!! OUR O-LINE will FALTER!!We can't keep them off Feidler!

I don't give a crap about the NFC!!! They are all TURDS OVER THERE!!!
Our OL was a piece of crap last year. And yet Jay was only sacked 27 times (21 if you don't count the Niners game). That shows you Jay's ability to escape pressure. If our OL stays healthy, Jay will rarely be brought down. If we're healthy, I'm not worried about them getting to Jay. Plus, Travis and Ricky are solid blockers.
Sherif, great post. We will have to learn to play with turnovers given we have Jay throwing, RW running, and McDrops catching.
Dolphins formula for 2002:

Feidler<10ints+RW runs for>1200 yards+good health=SB party in Miami
those patsies beat the rams using different defensive schemes to keep the rams off balance. last time i checked one word described our defence...VANILLA
Ricky and James Mcfumble, err I mean James McKnight had better get some stick em on their hands so they hang onto the darn ball!!
Originally posted by stan marino
those patsies beat the rams using different defensive schemes to keep the rams off balance. last time i checked one word described our defence...VANILLA

Hey, we're not Vanilla. We had two blitz plays that we did all the time in every game. Wait.....uh, nevermind. :p

Hopefully this year we'll show some innovation as opposed to a VANILLA w/ SPRINKLES defense.
the dolphins need to get a bye for the playoffs...if they do that they can get to the super bowl and win it...
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