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predraft burntout


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Apr 12, 2005
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Gaithersburg Maryland
in the beginning i was so excited to have a new coach and the #2 pick. then i learn more about the players in the draft... the first time we had this high of a pick and we get a weak top pick draft. any position in the top is like "splitting hair", RB, QB, WR... On the other hand, lots of good players can be found in late round 1 till the end, however we only have four picks after round 1.

on top of that, things were looking good when 9ers were going to take rogers and we were going to take smith ( and with strong trade talk at the time as well). however 9ers screw that up with the whole smith talk.

and if that wasnt bad enough, KC is lowballing us for one of the best CB in the league ...

overall, this draft is tiresome... i always wanted a high top pick but now i miss the good ol' days when we were picking around 20...

sorry guys, i had to vent. :fire:
I would rather have a lower pick also, only because that would mean that the Phins didnt go 4-12 or worse.
I will be happy b/c i know that Saban will do excellent with whatever picks we have.. We cant go wrong at #2(Smith, Braylon, or Brown) . and if we get a trade then we get some kick A$$ picks. soo i know Saban will do awesome
The deluge of information. media hype, and rumors is all a little tiresome.
Behind the SB this is the best two days in the NFL year! I look forward to this every year weather we have a top 5 pick or the 31st pick. If its played right it matters not what kind of Draft it is . In this Draft there are future HOF and all pros ,all you got to do is pick the right ones!
fin-atic said:
The deluge of information. media hype, and rumors is all a little tiresome.

I totally agree. Plus the media starts talking about the draft right after the superbowl, so after the second month and millions of mock drafts and changing my mind 20 times about who we should pick is pretty tiresome. I just hope saban does the right thing, whatever that may be.
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