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President Bush faints while watching the Dolphins

Originally posted by iceblizzard69

A great president may even be a Dolfan too? It is unlikely but can the fainting have anything to do with being so shocked since the Ravens were winning? I doubt it but it is worth bringing up.

Well could be worse.. He could be a Buffalo Bills fan :lol: :lol:

Seriously though, some of the Presidents of Past have gotten excessively in to football. I remember hearing how Nixon always used to call Tom Landry and give him tips at halftime of games, how Reagan was a diehard Ram fan, and how FDR used to be a devote Washington Redskin fan in his latter two administrations (The Skins didnt move to the Nations Capital until 1937). I do know that his brother Jed was on the expansion committee that helped snag the Jaguars. Maybe one Bush has some brains :lol:
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