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Prisco is a JACKA....

Big I.Z.

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Jun 8, 2002
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i cannot beleive this dude. i just read two articles at CBS by him. the first he effectivly says that emmitt Smith is a bum (according to prick emmitt is only lucky). and then he gives his top 10 games of the up comming year, 3 with St Louis, 3 with San Fran, 2 with the Redskins; one of the redskins games is apparently important becuase it will be the Ball coaches first game in Fl (jax). do i give a sh t about a game like that.
Emmitt Smith is one of the greatest RBs in NFL history. This guy also constantly talks a ton of **** about our Miami Dolphins. I can't believe that guys like this are hired to be writers.
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