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Projected Record For Phins

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These are the games i think we will win and lose......

Detroit - Win
Indy - Win
Jets - Win
Chiefs - Win
Pats - Win
Broncs - Win
Bills - Win
Pack - Loss
Jets - Loss
Ravs - Win
SD - Win
Bills - Win
Bears - Win
Raiders - Lose or Win :confused:
Pats - Lose

Either 12-4
or 13-3

Do you agree? Tell me which games we will win or lose.....
11-5 or 10-6. The fins die down at the end of the season, when it really counts. One win the last two years is all we needed to get a bye in the playoffs. We need the bye, we can't go to the SB if we don’t have a bye. Winning the division isn't good enough. WE NEED THE BYE!!!
11-5 or 12-4 is not reaching to much. I agree that the bye is key! I can't see us sweeping the Jets or beating the Packers in the snow, but anything can happen.
Originally posted by Dol_Fan5434
These are the games i think we will win and lose......

Detroit - Win bigtime!
Indy - Win yep
Jets - Win dont know- depends on if we control the ball dont get INT's, dont fumble, and are safeties are playing well(im not very enthused after the preseason)
Chiefs - Win tough game(we may get surprised) KC is a
place to play. we pull away in the fourth.
Pats - Win agreed but how we do it will say alot
Broncs - Win another tough game away but we always beat
Bills - Win without a doubt, drew will see stars, and not his
Pack - Loss i think the Pack is a bit overrated, week off for
both teams, i think we will pull it out by a mare
Jets - Loss agreed
Ravs - Win yep
SD - Win yep
Bills - Win another great game to see live for myself
Bears - Win yep
Raiders - Lose or Win :confused: we will pull it out again
Pats - Lose Not this time

Either 12-4 12-4 and a bye week and on to see the

or 13-3

Do you agree? Tell me which games we will win or lose.....
The team is basically intact from last year, when we went 11-5. The only signigant changes were getting ricky williams, having three offensive line members return from injury(now 2), adding a pro-bowler in leon searcy, and having a more seasoned chris chambers, and getting a healthy dedric ward. The only negative was losing brian walker. Where do you get 8-8 from?
i think we'll end up 13-3, with losses to the jets vikes and packers...
We lose to the Packers, Jets, Patriots, and believe it or not, the Chiefs! We go 12-4 on the season. We win the Division, and we get the Bye
I'll go with 12-4.

We lose to Packers, Jets on the road,Patriots on the road.
Then we wll lose our annual stupid "shoulda, woulda, coulda" game that will make the guys at the DD board wet with Fiedler jokes.
After all the injuires last season, I looked at us as a 9-7 team. We played well enough to finish at 11-5....

The schedule this season isn't any easier, but our team looks much better IMO. The offense is looking more effective, and the pass rush looks better as well on defense....

I'll go with 13-3....

Detroit - W
@Indianapolis - W
NY Jets - W - The streak ends here!!
@Kansas City - W
New England - W
@Denver - L
Buffalo - W
@Green Bay - W
@NY Jets - L
Baltimore - W
San Diego - W
@Buffalo - W
Chicago - W
Oakland - W
@Minnesota - W
@New England - L

At worst we could be looking at 10-6. The games I'm
questionable about are: @Indy, @KC, @GB, and @MIN....

This home schedule is no cake walk either. The Bears, Jets, and Raiders games will all be tough. I think we're good enough to beat these teams at home though.....

Right now, I'm just praying we stay healthy this season....

My Early Predictions

What's up fin fans? Don't get mad, but I don't see 12 or 13 wins like the rest of you. Here goes...

Detroit - Win
@Indy - Win
Jets - Loss
@KC - Loss
NE - Win
@Denver - Loss
Buffalo - Win
@GB - Loss
@Jets - Loss
Baltimore - Win
SD - Win
@Buffalo - Loss
Chicago - Loss
Oakland - Win
@Minn - Win
@NE - Loss

Final Record: 8-8

I could see the fins finally taking one from the Jets, pushing them to 9-7, but that's how I'd predict it right now. Of course any predictions right now will change week to week as the season progresses.

The AFC East is as tough as it gets and we all have to play some other good teams on the road too. I think it's going to be pretty hard for any of us to get more then 10 wins. Not that any of the AFC East teams aren't talented enough, it's just not going to be easy.

The Dolphins still look like a pretty strong team, but your O-line really looks like one of the least talented in the league. I think Fiedler is a better qb then most give him credit for and you have good WR's. RW's should definately improve the running game too, but I think a lot of that is going to be wasted because of the o-line.

The D looks good as usual with one of the better secondaries in the league. I think Taylor and Thomas are a little overrated, but that Ogun guy looks pretty sweet. I don't think the fins will hold up against the run as well as they have in the past, but overall they still look good.

Ultimately, I see your O-line holding you back from being a playoff team or at least being a threat to advance. We'll see though, at least it should be an exciting year. I'd wish you all luck, but I'm a Bills fan. :)
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