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Props to the run D


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Mar 14, 2006
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Props to our front 7 as they held arguably the best rushing attack in the NFL to under 100 yards and 2.4 yards per carry (35 rushes for 83 yards).
Starks, Soliai, Odrick, Wake, Dansby, Burnett and Misi all held up at the point of attack and our safeties did not have to come up to help much at all.
That said they still gave up some big plays to Owens, but overall our stout run D will help keep us in games this year.

A little positive in a day of embarrassment.

That said, if our O keep turning the ball over like they did today, our D will just get worn down over the coarse of the year.
I like the way we match up against the Raiders offense and I hope we can shut down McFadden to give us a shot to win.
I don't expect Tannehill to play near as bad next week and hopefully we get that 'W' at home this coming Sunday.

Go Phins! :hump:


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May 1, 2007
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what good is a run D making a stop for no gain, when on the very next down they leave a TE wide open for a 17 yard gain with no dolphin in sight on the TV screen ?

another game, another day the Dolphins give up over 100 yards to the TE position. It's been a total joke how this defense can't stop anyone at the TE position. And on most completions there wasn't a dolphin within 4 yards of the TE. These safeties suck in pass defense, you have a mediocre linebacking corps, and the corners are nothing special. Moreover you have nobody who can make game changing plays and create turnovers in the back 7.

Teams have figured out Cam Wake. All day today Houston chipped a TE releasing on a route chipping on Wake, and chipped in with a back to double Wake. And this didn't free anybody up. The Dolphins have no one else they can rely on for pass rush. Starks beat his man once and on another sack Schaub had 5 seconds before Starks got there (coverage sack). Odrick was nowhere. This defense will be average this year.. did anyone else see Coyle sulk with his head down alone in the locker room during the last hard knocks episode ? I hate his demeanor as a coach, he is no Mike Nolan.

Save for a couple sacks by Starks and a couple forced roll outs, Schaub was back there in the pocket with all the time in the world 85% of the time. And this was WITH MIAMI blitzing a LB or someone from the secondary. No pressure 85% of the time. And this was against a Houston offensive line that has issues at RG and RT.. they still couldn't get anything close to a good consistent rush. This D is meh (luckily for Miami there are some poor QB's on their schedule this year).

This is a passing league folks. The difference between a run defense giving up 3.5 or 4.5 yards per carry means little if anything in this day in age of the NFL. It's all about YPA these days, as it has in the past few years. The top teams in combined YPA every year are the top teams in the win-loss column. Not run defense.

Until YPA can be drastically fixed on both sides of the ball (combined YPA), run defense means jack squat...

The Texans could have very easily hung 50 points on Miami today. The Texans changed their gameplan at halftime and settled down, the 2nd half was like a preseason game for them. They had some drops early but it's very obvious they didn't fear Miami's offense and sent the dogs home for the 2nd half.. It could have very easily been a 50-10 score today
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