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$1 Per point differential - Fins Win:

@The Ghost Paid
@Finfan83nj Paid
@artdnj Paid
@andyahs Paid
@XxfeensterxX Paid
@SaskFinFan Paid
@JoeRist91 Paid
@Crump Paid
@Ikema Paid
@NYC#1finsfan Paid
$1 Per point differential - Regardless of outcome:

@fansinceGWilson Paid
@13marino13 Paid
Side Action $25 if Gase is fired prior to week 7 game

@In Flores We Trust
Side Action II $1 per point scored by Phins
@Travis34 Paid
@XxfeensterxX Paid
@nando03 Paid
@dolfan_md Paid
@EasyRider Has commited to doubleing the points! Paid
Side Action III $10 for every Fitz TD Thrown

Side Action IV $10 for a Fitz rushing TD
Side Action V $10 if the Dolphins show up at the stadium
@Hargitt01 Paid
@Crump Paid

The Ghost's side action Package:
$25 if Mike Gesicki makes a one handed catch.
$25 if Grant has a punt or KO return for a TD.
$25 if Xavien Howard has two int’s.
$25 if Byron Jones gets just ONE int.
$25 if Miami records 6+ sacks.
$25 if OL has no penalties.
$25 if Flores wins two challenges.
$25 if a RB scores on a 40+ yard run.
$25 if Fitzpatrick completes 83+% of his passes.
$25 if Jason Sanders remains perfect on FGs/XPs **Confirmed**
$25 if Parker has 2 TDs.
$25 if Wilkins has at least 1 sack and 1 TFL **Confirmed**

Also, the BONUS bonuses:

$250 if Tua Tagovailoa throws his 1st NFL TD.
$50 if Tua plays at any point**Confirmed** Paid
@The Ghost

Thanks to everyone who is generously participating! :fh
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