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Q & A Live with Andy Cohen

3 key points

  1. Q. Hi, this is josh(huge fins fan)and it just seemes to me that gadsden was treated wrongfully. At first i figured that he would play, cuz hes right,this team will have a great chance in the playoffs. But then when they said that he had decided to have surgery i was quite upset. And then i find out later that the dolphins wouldnt give him the contract he was looking for and that they wouldnt even give him a better contract than they did j. mknight. Its a joke. Oronde is awsome.. mknight sucks..i just think that they would be better off with givin gadsden the contract extension hes lookin for so that he would have continued out the season meanin we would have had chambers, carter, and gadsden. YOu cant beat that! Also i hear that dolphin players are also upset with the organization so plzz answer my question?
    A. It is important to understand a few things: First of all, the salary cap wouldn't allow the Dolphins to sign Oronde Gadsden to a new contract at this time. Certainly not if the Dolphins wanted to have enough money to sign Cris Carter. So here's the question you must ask: Would the Dolphins rather have Gadsden with ligament damage in his wrist or a healthy Carter? That was the decision and the Dolphins made the right one. Carter can mean so much to this team, while Gadsden would have never been his old self until the wrist had surgery. Dave Wannstedt made it clear that he wants Gadsden back next season. What more could he do? I understand that some of the players are upset and that's understandable. But this is a case where the Dolphins had to put the needs of the team ahead of an individual and people just have to understand that. :up:
  2. Q.I was wondering how long Jay Fiedler will be out of commission due to his injury?
    A. The best hope is that Fiedler can return for the Nov. 24th home game against San Diego. However, a more realistic date might be Dec. 1 at Buffalo :cry:
  3. Q. How many reps did Sage Rosenfels take with the 1st team in practice last week? How many will he take during the next two weeks? What would it take, short of an injury to Lucas, to have Sage replace Lucus against Green Bay?
    A. Dave Wannstedt recently told me that Sage knows the offense well and he's ready to play if needed. If Lucas bombs against Green Bay (let's all hope not), I believe Sage will get a shot. Keep in mind, though. It's tough to put a player who has never played in a real game into the fire of a Monday night game at Green Bay.
Isn't it funny how many of us can't get over Marino? Andy had two questions about Marino returning. On Inside the NFL Collinsworth mentioned the Aikman rumor and Dan said, "what about me?". I can't help but think that Dan was only half joking. It has to be hard to know you still have that fantastic talent and arm strength yet you can't play because of so many leg injuries.
Yeah that sucks.. look at Aikman and Steve Young... still have all the tools to play.. just got smacked in the head to many times.
Gottahavefootball. I like the jesture involved with the Predator avatar. However, it just looks like someone stole Ricky's pants :lol:

Do or do not.........there is no try
I know he couldn't and I know it isn't realistic, but imagine Dan coming back for the 2nd half of the season, and winning a ring. :p
Now THAT would be a story eh?
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