Question about trade rules and tenders???

Elliott 1

May 3, 2006
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Does anyone know the applicable rules that may apply to a hypothetical scenario like this:

Say the Dolphins do want to acquire Miles Austin or Vincent Jackson by making a contract offer knowing that if accepted will cost them a 1st and a 3rd draft pick.

Can they, previous to making the offer, participate in a trade that alters their draft position??

For example: Say the Dolphins trade draft positions with Indy in the 1st and 3rd rounds and receive Indy's 2nd and 4th as compensation.

Is it still then allowable for the Phins to make a RFA an offer on a 1st and 3rd tender because now the 1st and 3rd have much less value; and if they aren't allowed to by rule;

Wouldn't this be screwing the weaker teams over royally??

I don't remember it ever happening so I'm inclined to think it isn't allowed, but how unfair is that.

If it is allowed. It would make the old 1st and 3rd pain a lot less, seeing you acquired a 2nd and 4th prior to the deal for the same cost of tender,1st & 3rd.

Anybody know for sure??
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