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Quotes From the Locker Room


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Sep 4, 2001
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Quotes From the Locker Room
October 22, 2002

from Wanne and Carter - looks like we will get lots of these from

Wanne and CC, Sr:

If he continues to work the way he did today, he will be ready to help us on Monday night

He did make one one-handed catch in the endzone. So he can still catch the football.

Carter is now #88
(On why he switched from number 85 to number 88) – “It just became available. (James) McKnight has had [number 80] and he’s had it for a long time. I would have liked to have it but there wasn’t a push for it. We had a short conversation about it and that was it. Actually this morning, we talked and I told him he was better off keeping 80. He’s got family and people that are used to seeing him in 80. He’s made a name for himself in 80. My brother wore number 88 in high school and he was kind of my role model so I wore 88. Also, Michael Irvin is one of my favorite receivers, so I’m going to resurrect Michael Irvin.
Laugh it up ass face... it all comes around. How long do you think Bledsoe is gonna last with that crappy pass protection your line gives him? What are you going to if Drew goes down? What "ace backup" do you guys have waiting anxiously in the wings to pick up where "Drew" left off?
Originally posted by clumpedplatelet

I've seen the game tape.......4 of the sacks were "coverage sacks".

exactly, Drew played smart in a Damon Huard kinda of way. Throwing the ball into coverage under pressure is how INTs happen and 6-0 was the real score there...
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