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Raiders sign Rod Woodson(oldie)


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Apr 24, 2002
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I guess they like their oldies(Romanowski, G Dixon, Parrella, T armstrong) I guess they want aome experience back their with their very young secondary. Charles Woodson, Phil Buchanon, Derrick Gibson , Raymond Perryman are 24 and younger. Throw in the 37 year old former great player and see if the young guys can learn from him
They are going to have to cut some good young talent if they plan on keepng all their jeriatrics, I mean veteran players. I don't think too many people realize that part, the more age you keep, the more youth you have to cut.

Woodson isn't half of what he was, and only makes the headlines on name recognition these days.
They are preparing for a Super Bowl run (but Miami will stop them) before they have to release their whole team to get under the cap in 2003.
An oldie with a knack for finding errand passes!............. So if Rod is at FS, then is Dorsett now the SS, if so, that puts the youngster Gibson back on the bench. I'd say thats a step backward! Good job raiders, maybe they'll sign a 38 year old corner and keep Buchanon on the pine too!
Not a riader fan but i think adding woodson is good for them ...He always seems to be around the ball and i think like darrel green he is still one of the best even at his age...If they signed him to a vet min contract they did alright.
PHINFANFORLIFE I think it means A Dorsett will be a june 1 cut. Why would the Raiders place the worst tackling safety at ss. Derrick gibson will move to his natural ss and Rod Woodson will be the Fs. You have a very young secondary(Charkles woodson, Phil Buchanon, Derrick Gibson and the old man Rod Woodson) How much Rod Woodson has left will determine how good there secondary will be.
When the Fay-duhs fall apart this year (they're already starting down that road by ignoring Gannon who deserves some extra green for all that he's done for them) I'm going to be one of the first individuals standing here laughing my butts off at them. They had a good draft but they are starting the year with a guy with no NFL head coaching experience, the oldest roster in the NFL, and the largest payroll in the the history of the league. As much as I'm looking forward to the rise of the 'Fins this year, I'm looking forward to the demise of the Raiders almost as much.

Even with their draft and ancient acquisitions this year, the best thing to happen to that team (and the division in general) was having Seattle move over to the NFC. Seattle will be one of the better teams in the league and now the likes of the Raiders won't have to face them twice a year anymore. That just makes me sad. :cry:
I don't think The raiders are treating Gannon that bad. He signed a contract and must live by it. Rich Gannon isn't stupid, he knows that either side can void his contract after this year.(making him a Fa) He knows without a extension his era is over in Oakland because they are going with the youngster at Qb(Marques Tuiasosopo) and on their roster.(salary cap concerns) This is the last year of (J Rice, T Armstrong,T Brown, G Biekert, B Romonowski and what options does a 38 year old qb (R Gannon) have starting with a new team. I think its premature to talk of Raiders demise. Thanks to the stupid glazer family (two number 1 picks next year) they might lose all there senior citizens next year but they are pretty young in almost every area outside of Wr and Rb. Untill the Seahawks actually do something under Mike Holmgren I wouldn't label them as going to be one of the good teams.(they been prennial dissapointments) I still don't like their Qb (T Dilfer) situation.
They are treating Gannon with quite a bit of disrespect. Considering the fact that he's lead them deep into the playoffs for two years in a row and has made the Pro- Bowl both of those years, coupled with the fact that he's the 25th highest paid starting QB out there, then you begin to get a sense of how poorly he's being treated. Most players, after their first solid year, would be demanding an extension. He's had three and nobody's talking to him. Gannon as a FA next year just won't be that lucrative since he's old and not many teams are going to take a flyer on a guy his age. I'd say this team definitely has problems and they will surface during this season.
Football is a business

Who forced Gannon to sign his contract. The Rich gannons and the Michael Strahans should learn to honor their contract. I believe he restructructure and took his money up front a couple of year ago. Charles Woodson is making peanuts compare to other cbs on the Raiders roster. You don't hear him crying because he knows when his contract is up he will be shown the money. R Gannon dosen't have the luxury because his career is winding down. The Nfl is a cold hearted businesss both the players and owners use to their advantage. When you young and in your prime your going to get paid well but when you at the end of your career the owners call the shots. You think the raiders didn't envision Gannon being their qb for only this year. Hence they put language in his contract that gives either the Raiders or Gannon the right to void his contract after this year. Gannon knows the Raiders are going to void his deal and let him become unrestricted freeagent. It called salary cap and taking his 5 million dollars off their Cap. With Freeagency their isn't any loyalty but its a business decision.
Re: Football is a business

Originally posted by Footballfanatic
Who forced Gannon to sign his contract. The Rich gannons and the Michael Strahans should learn to honor their contract.

At the smae time shouldn't teams and front offices also honor their contracts? What happens when a player is cut? His contract is terminated, and DISHONORED!

That is a 2 way street brother.
Re: Re: Football is a business

Originally posted by Bodzilla29

At the smae time shouldn't teams and front offices also honor their contracts? What happens when a player is cut? His contract is terminated, and DISHONORED!

That is a 2 way street brother.

I'll certainly second that! In the old days of the NFL, when you could keep a team together forever, and gaurenteed contracts were the norm, then you could possibly make the argument you are FF, but in today's world of free agency and parody, there is no reason why a player shouldn't have a "take all I can" attitude; I wuold likely do the same thing, and you, despite what you might say, probably would too.

I can't stand the Raiders and I want nothing more than for that team to fall apart, but Gannon has been a class act who is the leader on that offense. Without his presence this team is nowhere near what it is now, or has been for the past couple of years. Two Pro Bowls, an AFC championship appearance, and missed call away from another championship appearacne deserve to be rewarded with something more than #25 on the starting QB pay scale. He deserves to get paid, at least, top 10 QB money for a couple of years, end of story.
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