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Raiders Trade Up 2x for Buchanon


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Sep 4, 2001
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Raiders | Trade Up with Falcons; Take Buchanon - posted at KFFL (
12:24 PT: The Atlanta Falcons have traded their first round (No. 17) selection to the Oakland Raiders for one of the Oakland Raiders first round (No. 18) and fifth round (No. 158) selection. The Raiders then selected CB Phillip Buchanon (Miami). For some of the most up-to-date draft coverage, go to KFFL's NFL Draft Central! [ NFL Draft Central ]

Raiders | Trade Up with Redskins - posted at KFFL (
12:06 PT: The Oakland Raiders have traded their first-round (No. 21) and their third-round (No. 89) draft choices to the Washington Redskins for their first-round (No. 18) pick.

Guess Eric Allen, Tory James and Terrence Shaw are not good enough :eek: That's was a big suprise.
Woodson and Buchannon might some day rival Surtain and Madison. We all know what two shut down corners can do for a defense. I think it was an excellent choice.
I think that is one half of a corner tandem that will be needing an upgrade in the near future. Granted, they still have Woodson but the guy has a serious case of turf-toe and all of us 'Fin-fans know what a serious case of "the toe" can do to a player- can anyone say OJ??? Woodson clearly lost a step last year after the injury and made it to the Pro Bowl on name recognition only. Statistically he barely broke into the top half of CB's in this league.

I can definitely see Woodson making the move to safety some time in the near future in order to allow him to do his work in an area where he won't need as much speed.

Buchannon was clearly a good pick for the Fay-duhs, he should never have been available that far down the draft. Hopefully he gets burned on a regular basis...I hate the Fay-duhs. :fire:
Now they have Napolean Harris out of N-Western. This could be a very formidable defense for a few years. :cry:
w/Napoleon Harris the Raiders D is looking pretty good
The Raiders D is unfortunately looking good, but Woodson is having toe surgery I think, the same one that Eddie George had. And look how George did the next season, and he said he didn't feel normal until the end of it.
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