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raiders were ripped off


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Jan 7, 2002
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niagara falls
even though I'm a fins fan first...

it's just wrong to see the game taken from an team..

Bradey's arm clearly stop it's throwing motion...

the stripes steal another one.....

when does the league address this problem...

the raiders were robbed.......:monkey: refs
I hate the Raiders but he was clearly bringing the ball in, they should just fire all the refs and bring back the replacements.
Refs suck

Refs suck. No questions about it. I don't understand how they can take a playoff game from a team like that. I hope all Refs are fired bring in the young guys
Ok , the rules state that if the arm is moving forward, and the ball hits the ground, it is an imcomplete pass. It doesn't matter what the intention of the QB is, if he is pump faking, or pulling it back in, if his arm is going forward it is incomplete.

Brady's arm was moving forward, and Charles hit fell to the ground, thus it was incomplete.

I know, and you know, that Brady was pump faking, or changed his mind on the pass, but that does NOT factor into the Refs decision making process, it is all black and white on this stuff.
Even Brady said to the reporter it was a fumble!! :fire: :fire:
but did you notice

that on the instant replay - Woodson hit Brady in the helmet 1st before stripping the ball. It should have been roughing the passer.

The rule states that if the arm is a throwing motion and the QB loses possesion before regaining control then it is an incomplete pass; but, that would make sense if they said they could not overrule the play, but that we tooooo close to overrule. It was a home team call for sure - they did not want to get pelted woth snowballs.

Speaking of snowballs, it is snowing here again. :D
He just made a call based on the rules. That's it. Nothing else, that was just his call and it was based solely on the rules... I don't have any beef with that call... It was a great ending to the game
Convenient Rule

The play was clearly a fumble. There is no doubt about it, I'm sure the NFL has some rule for every possible scenario when they want to justify the conduct of the officials. I really feel for the Raiders, which I never thought was possible. Imagine if this had happened to Miami, how you would feel. I hate the Raiders and this made me sick to my stomach. I don't what is worse, the fact that they reversed the initial call or that they are still justifying their decision days later.


This hurts the integrity of the game...I will now refer to the Patriots as Team Asterick. Hopefully, the Steelers will crush them so that the Superbowl is tainted.

You know I was going to write an article about this, but it makes me sick even thinking of it.

:monkey: The Refs
Great Observation 39

FYI, Dolphin39 you are totally right on that roughing the passer call.

However, I also think that the rule is a questionable one.
It was a fumble. However, the way the rule is worded left the referee with no choice. Unless he had a pair. The rule will be reworded for next season-count on it.
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