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Ramsay Disappoints McDaniel

Whoever from NFL Films sealed the deal on getting the Fins on Hard Knock must be still high-fiving in the production room. There is no more interesting coach/team at the moment.
Now imagine Flores saying this..........ah forget it, Flores would be answering questions about why he benched Tua again.
I woke up a few hours ago. I don't remember much about what I was dreaming, but it took me until just now to realize Ramsey wasn't put back on IR today.
Best coach post Shula. One of the best coaches in the NFL even prior to all the shtick. We finally have an innovative offensive guru leading the way and he is the ultimate player's coach. The culture feels different this time around.
The culture is completely changed. All the previous coaches talked about it but no one could do it. McD has done it
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