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Ray will be fine...


Feb 21, 2002
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so stop bashing him. He had a bad game. Others have had bad games. Jay had a 4 pick game at KC this year and we lost, but we also bounced back. Dan even had a few games of 4 + picks. The most recent one against Dallas on Thanksgiving day 3 years ago. We still made the playoffs that year. So stop bashing our QB. He will get better, we will bounce back. I have a feeling that Chris Carter has learned a very valuable lesson in his premature retirement...humility. I think he will come in and be a BIG factor for us. The start of the Chris brothers is upon us. So lets unite as true Dolphins fans should and support our TEAM and QB whether it be Jay or Ray.

It kinda funny how all of the Feidler bashers are now quiet...Maybe he wasn't so bad after all?!?

GO DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:monkey: Bills and the rest.
Best post of the day.

I shall, hereby, quiet down (about Lucas).

Thumbs up to phins054 for a making a very good post/point(s).

I guess one way to look at Lucas' performance yesterday is to say that IF you were going to shake off all the rust in ONE game - man, did he ever!

I can't believe/imagine that Ray's play doesn't get any better from here. (How could it possible get worse, huh?) [kidding - trying to find some humour in the situation]

Anywayz, here's to hoping that a) Ray plays better, b) CC's addition helps and, most of all, c) Jay get better... FAST!
Good post 54. This is a really tough loss to live with and even tougher to get over but I'm going to try. I have this game on tape and I think I'll just bury it in my backyard. I'm very happy we have Chris Carter, I've been screaming for him for months. Now we have him and thats something huge to build on right there. I'll be rooting for Ray Lucas to bounce back with a full complement of offensive weaponry behind him. Dixon should be back also so that's another plus. A win over a great team like Green Bay would make all of the Jills loss go away, so here's to a big Dolphin victory over the Packers!
I hear ya about losing to Buffalo...Its always hard when we lose to them because they think thier team is the greatest if they beat us. But I figure with a healthy squad in Dec. We even the score. Green Bay will be tough. Farve is hobbled but he should play. Hopefully we get back on track and roll the rest of the season.
I would agree with you, but not 6 TOs vs Buffalo at home. Ray's accuracy sucks really really really bad.
With Ray...he was nervous, had happy feet, and felt rushed into making bad plays. If you watched him, you could tell he was unsure of whether to tuck and run or scramble in the pocket or throw. The bottomline is that we get some weapons back over the bye week. We have time to get Ray really comfortable in the offense.
I don't believe Ray will be fine. He will have to prove it to me the hard way. Frankly, I don't think the team will win another game with him at QB.
With all the media and fan pressure on Ray coming into the Bills game, I would have frankly been shocked if he would have had a "good game." The teams as a whole has just had too much to bear this week. Our bye could not come at a better time. As for Green Bay, keep in mind ...

(1) The Dolphins are among the best in the league on MNF.

(2) Apparently, Lambeau is one of Cris Carter's favorite places to play.

(3) We have a solid coaching staff that excels at nursing wounded psyches.
You bring up good points about MNF.

What impressed me about Ray the most was his post game press conference. He was angry. He lit a fire in himself. I think he will be ready for GB...
Great post. I agree. Ray will be fine. It is a lot of pressure to take over a 5-1 team. I love that he took responsibility for his mistakes and this loss. I love even more that his team is standing behind him. That is why these guys are so different this year. They are so solid and confident in each other's abilities. Lucas has a lot to prove to finfans (especially chamber84...lol) and what better venue than MNF at Lambeau?
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