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Released or Waived??


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Apr 12, 2002
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Can someone more intelligent then I help cure a case of "idiotitus" that I have.

Can someone please explain the differences between being RELEASED and being WAIVED? How does each affect the player or the team.

I thank you all in advance.
If a player is put on waivers, the team with the worst record the previous year has first crack at signing him. Then if they don't want him, the team with the second worst record and so on has the opportunity to sign him. So if all the other teams don't sign him, they say that the player has cleared waivers.
So then, clearing waivers isn't a good thing for a player correct?

Basically it tells them that no one wants them. Sucks to be them.
Well it's good when the final roster cut to 53 players takes place because if some of the guys clear waivers then the orginal team can re-sign that player and put him on the practice squad.
By waiving a player the team retains that player's rights until another team claims him. Releasing a player automatically cuts all the ties with his former team.
Also, note that when a player is claimed off of Waivers, the new team assumes the original contract of the player. and the team goes to the end of the Waiver List. But, I also think Waiver's only come into effect during the regular season... but I am not sure on this.
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