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Revised Mock Draft (Involving Trade With Tampa Bay)


The Big Zonk
Feb 24, 2002
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Day One:

#05 - Ronnie Brown (RB - Auburn) *
#36 - Brodney Pool (S - Oklahoma) *
#46 - Mike Patterson (DT - USC) **
#70 - Corey Webster (CB - LSU)

Day Two:

4th Round - Andrew Walter (QB - Arizona State)
4th Round - Michael Munoz (OT - Tennessee) *
5th Round - Larry Brackins (WR - Pearl River CC)
5th Round - Travis Daniels (CB - LSU) *
5th Round - Roger Cooper (LB - Montana State) **
5th Round - Anthony Bryant (DT - Alabama) ***
7th Round - Brandon Jacobs (RB/FB - Southern Illinois)

* - Obtained via trade with Buccaneers (#2 for #5, #36, Bucs' 4th and 5th round picks)
** - Obtained via trade with Chiefs (Surtain for #46 and Chiefs' 5th round pick)
*** - Obtained via trade with Rams (Zgonina for Rams' 5th round pick)

Note: I'd like to see us address our hole at OLB by signing Anthony Simmons or Nate Wayne...


Projected Roster (Rookies in bold):

QB - Feeley, Frerotte, Walter
RB - Brown, Gordon, Morris
FB - Evans, Jacobs
TE - McMichael, Lee, Perry
WR - Chambers, Booker, Thompson, Welker, Brackins, a veteran signed for the minimum after June 1st
OL - Nine players (Including Munoz)

DL - Taylor, Carter, Holliday, D. Bowens, T. Bowens, Chester, Patterson, Bryant
LB - Thomas, Seau, Moore, Cooper, Pope, a veteran (I'd love to land Simmons or Wayne)
CB - Madison, Howard, Poole, Webster, Daniels, Edwards
S - Jones, Pool, Bua, Tillman or somebody else

K - Mare
P - Turk

Looks pretty darn good to me...


I Am The Movie
Feb 23, 2005
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I like it. I dont know about Patterson though. Just too short. Munoz too scares because of his injury history. The rest though, Im definitely for. On your roster though, I dont think we get rid of Gilmore. He is a pretty good special teamer.
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