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Ricky Article: Good and Bad

"By the second year, the Dolphins will be sick of him," says a Saints source. "He is so high-maintenance that he wears you out. You get to a point where you say it's not worth it."

Who makes an insult, but remains anonymous? Whoever said this is a coward.

This was an OK article. Most of it was saying Ricky sucks, the rest said he was a good RB.

:monkey: Brian Baldinger
It's funny how on one line he states that Ricki is blaming everyone else for his past problems. But on the very next line he has a quote where Ricki is saying that it was his fault and no one else's. That Packers GM is stupid. He talks about how we are gambling on Ricki but yet they just trade for T. Glenn. Let all the media keep hating. They will eventually jump on the wagon as well..19-0 BABY>>
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