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Ricky Predictions vs Pats????


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Aug 16, 2002
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I think the Rickster should have an awesome day, my suggestion would be send those wr's down the field and get the dbs turned around and swep the Rickster all day long. If Tomlinso and Holmes ate them up, then the Rickster should have an awesome day myy prediciton is

150 yards rushing with 3 tds and 50 yards receiving
Please stop calling him the Rickster, you sound like you just got out of 4th grade study hall.
Don't listen to this dumbass Hoover!!....

Call him Rickster if you want to....

Hoover is probably just jealous because his boy Travis is a cronic fumbling-bumbling-stumbling Buffalo Chip, with not even half the talent the Rickster has!!.....

Originally posted by girlphan
I'm not making any predictions for the RICKSTER. I think I jinxed him last week.
I am not making predictions this week after what happened last week, but we did beat NE 30-10 last year after getting destroyed by St Louis.
Rickster? I never heard that one before. I thought people were starting to call him the Predator?
Originally posted by miadphan13
The Predator will have 175 total yards with 2 TDs :)

From now on if we are going to refer to Ricky as the Perdator, then we also have to rename TDs for Kills. So in other words your prediction is 175 total yards and 2 KILLS. Sounds cool too me!!
sorry youll i just came up with it off the top of my head, I like the Rickster
Well prior to the season I predicted Ricky would have at least 3 rushing games in excess of 150 yards, and 1 game in excess of 200. This will be the one in excess of 200, about 213.
I don't give a damn if he has 10 yards on 35 carries as long as we post that "DUBYA". Know what I'm saying?
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