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Ricky's nick name should be...


The Predator
Jul 3, 2002
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Bethlehem PA
The Predator...
he really looks like it with those dreads and his prey is the opposing defense... he looks mean charging down the field..
I think it could stick.. I've already heard a few people on here call him that, my wife calls him that all the time, and now a Jets fan at work says he looks like the predator..
My girlfriend been calling him that all season. She says he looks like the Predator because of his dreads and big bulk body.
How wierd i thought she was the only one. Damn woman think alike.
You know what I see in Ricky that I just haven't noticed in any other back we have had in recent years? The guy gets the ball...heads to the hole, and then EXPLODES. He just hits another gear, and blows up for 5-50 yards.

It is the coolest thing to watch...I just dig it. ;)


P.S. I like the nick name...fits.
Maybe he is the predator. He's back in a different disguise. Well maybe not. But this is giving me an idea for a halloween costume. The Predator, dolphins helmet, #34 jersey. Hmmmmmmmmmm, Maybe.
Ive never thought about that nick name but it sounds awsome!.....only dont you think theyll start making fun it because of predators face?
well I did what I could.. I think this will be my new avatar

Originally posted by gottahavefootba
well I did what I could.. I think this will be my new avatar

You know whats missing?, two sticks under his smelly underarms shaped like crutches.:D
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