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Ross and Ireland


Mar 13, 2006
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We have been a bad team for so long that every game more and more fans are throwing the towel in. What does it take for management to see the problem , if all of the fans can see it why in gods name cant they? I can understand Jeff Irelands view he is getting richer year after year. But Ross what the hell are you getting out of all of this? You are not helping a once proud football team and prouder fans at all. If you love the Dolphins clean the cancer that has spread through this team or sell it to somebody who can.
Steve Ross is too busy working on massive real estate deals. He's not even in the building. Ever.

He's on the phone with the dunces running the ship aground. He hears them on the phone telling him everything is fine and they have a plan, when in reality they are down in the engine room bailing bilge with buckets and Steve doesn't notice they're shouting over the din.

Asking philbin and Ireland to fix the team makes as much sense as asking these two to fix your car.
Ross needs to sell this team to someone who will be more mindful of the day to day.

He just lets his underlings spew nonsense into his ears and he just trusts them without questioning anything. He is blind to reality.
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