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Roy McGee and other rookie free agents


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May 1, 2002
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First time on this board, but posted a lot lately on others.
I am a graduate of Southern Miss and I saw McGee play quite a bit. My understanding is that he was there on a try-out basis.

Did any one who was at camp see him play and would care to comment on him?
While the name players are not in this group of rookie free agents, the linebacker from South Carolina was so good that Holtz wanted him back and failed to get him another year of eligibility. He was considered by many game**** fans as better than Edwards, who was picked in the second round this year.

His nickname on the team was "BodyBag", and he was considered to be one of the top defensive players in the SEC coming into 2001 prior to the injury. I am speaking of Wadley by the way. Go to yahoo and type his name in and you will find numerous references to him and comments in team reviews of his importance. I feel like we are getting a player that is raw, but of top talent. The guy actually kicked an extra point in the Tennessee game a couple of years ago.

The Atkins kid got some mention this past weekend at DT. Could be interesting.

But I would be very interested in if DirtyCashHoldin has heard McGee, Wadley, or Atkins names mentioned? And, are there other players (undrafted) being considered once camp starts (Bobby Sippio and Errol Hood are corners).

Responses appreciated.


HEY LEE...... Welcome to this board. I know you know a lot about the collegiate players who have come in.....the problem is....that I do not.

I will take the names that you want from your post.....and will literally " ASK ALEX MARVEZ" or somebody else who can give me some more information.

I will tell all honesty....all these guys are real, real, long-shots to win roster spots. But if anyone is standing out.....I will pass it along.

I really can't see how you can evaluate things....until the pads come on.....but we will see if anyone is getting noticed without the pads on.

Thanks LEE...and

Thanks for replying to my post DirtyCashHoldin. You may remember me from some boards that no longer exist. For whatever reason, I missed this one. I sincerely appreciate you doing that.

Posters on the Southern Miss board have been asking what happened to Roy McGee. Our own media outlets had been reporting that Roy signed with Miami, but it was later revealed he was "trying out".

Wadley is intriguing in that if you read anything about him prior to his knee injury you will see a guy that may have been drafted as high as Edwards, his teammate.

I can see why they call this FinHeaven. Some great posting of what is actually going on. I was growing very tired of the other boards. Thanks for the hospitality.

welcome a-board Lee2000 :D

sounds like these guys are headed for the practice squad if not the wire waiver. Though you gotta wonder about a guy like Atkins and the fact that our run D fell apart w/Grant and Haley in there - granted Grant and Haley were hurt :(
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