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Sam Simmons' Diary on Being Cut


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Feb 3, 2002
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Sam Simmons' Rookie Diary (Week 5)
Wednesday, September 4, 2002

Greetings Dolphins fans! This is Sam Simmons checking in with my final journal entry. The last couple of weeks have been very hectic to say the least. On August 25, during the first round of cuts, the team waived me. Truthfully, I can’t say I was all that surprised. About halfway through training camp, it dawned on me that I would probably be on the practice squad. I just wasn’t getting the reps to make the active roster. It really became apparent in my final preseason contest against Houston because I didn’t get in the game on offense or special teams. A lot of that has to do with the number of quality veteran receivers we have on this team. Oronde, Chris, Dedric, James and Albert are all excellent wideouts and each one of them brings something different to the table. I knew at the beginning of camp that it was going to be very difficult to get significant playing time, especially in my rookie campaign. I played my hardest every day in practice and I think that I improved each session.

When I talked to Rick Spielman (Senior Vice President of Football Operations/Player Personnel) after I was cut, he said that there was a strong possibility that I would be brought back for the practice squad. The problem was that he wasn’t sure when I would be signed to the squad because of the rash of injuries we suffered to the offensive line. I took the news in stride and continued to workout while I waited to hear back from the team on my status. I was on the treadmill every day and I also used the weight room (although it was limited) in the hotel. I also used some free time to unwind with my three little ladies. It gave us an excellent opportunity to scope out the South Beach and Miami area.

After what seemed like an eternity, I was finally signed to the practice squad on Monday (the first eligible day). It was a huge relief for my family and I. I had a few other options from other teams, but I really felt that this was the best choice for my career. I’m going to use this opportunity to improve every aspect of my game while also preparing my teammates for the upcoming week. In a way, it is a lot like being red-shirted in college, but I’m getting paid for my hard work.

Well that about wraps up my rookie journal. I’ve had a great time writing about my experiences throughout training camp and I looking forward to seeing all the Dolphins die hards at Pro Player Stadium.

Keep the noise level high,

#17 Sam Simmons
Thanks for the post Muck. Does anyone know how much PS players make? I'm guessing it's somewhere in the neighborhood of $60K per year, but that's just a guess.
I have heard it's 30K...I have a few friends off my old team that have been placed on P-squads and that's what they made with their teams.
Thats got to be difficult to keep that upbeat attitude after all of that. I mean, even though he was signed to the PS, I would think he'd still be let down some.

But when he said "keep the noise level high", makes me feel good that he's still on our PS. He's got a good attitude.
hell pay me $3300 a week to practice and ill be upbeat.
Can you imagine being 22 years old and bringing home $3,300 a week?? I know it's severely below the NFL minimum. But still...... I'm 22......and I've just gotten into my "career field". I simply can't imagine making that much.
Thats a lot of money to practice, and I am happy that a guy like Sam can make that for his family.
Absolutely. If you can provide for your family like that, bravo. Even if you're single.....BRAVO. lol.
Yeah that's alot, is that just for the Phins? I said I have friends who have been on the Saints and Broncos and they both said they made around 30K....think that was after tax they were saying?
Well, $3300 a week, but only for 17 weeks (plus playoffs).

So, he's making decent money while the season is here but when the season stops he's screwed and has to get a job. Maybe Parmalee can pull some strings for him with UPS...
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