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Samphin's thoughts on the game


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Sep 11, 2002
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First off I want to say it was a great win for Miami on my birthday!!! Way to go Dolphins!

Whatever you want to say about Jay Fiedler and his arm strength, or ability to make good decisions, one thing you cannot question is his heart and toughness. His hand was already messed up and then he broke his thumb. What did he do after this? He kept on trucking. His mentality has got to rub off on his teammates and force them not to give up. For that I say he remains our starter regardelss of what Lucas does.

I notice we like to do things the hard way as well. Throw perfecetly thrown balls to Gadsen or McMicheal and they will drop it everytime. Yet, throw them something around impossible and they will damn near pull it down. Plus, Mare misses chipshots and "easy" field goals, and turns around and nails what has to be the biggest one of his career with the game on the line from freakin Utah.

Taylor and Thomas are scary when they rush the passer together...but we already knew that. It was just nice to see them wreak havoc again. I loved the sack for 17 yards...beautiful.

Todd Wade seems to be having some trouble these past couple of weeks. I wonder if he is either dinged up, or if these DE's have figured him out.

Kannoy Kennedy...sigh, can't we go one year without a Kennedy scandal? :p

If Patrick Surtain plays like that every game I will call him whatever he wants. There is no doubt in my mind that Madison and Surtain are the top tandem cb's in the league.

Its looking more and more like Ricky might only cost us a second rounder this offseason. At one point I counted 9 and 10 men in the box. They keep doing that and eventually our Wr's will burn them bad.

Travis Minor is awesome returning kicks. Good to see him get some playing time.

This was one of the best games I have ever seen, would you guys agree?

And Finally, looking back at the predicted score that I made. I said it would be 24-17 fins with Mare missing a field goal...pretty darn close eh?
:hail: me and my predictions
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