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Saturday Open Practice Tweets Here!


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Jul 31, 2010
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The camp reports seem more in favor of the protection being ok. Not great but good enough for Tua to operate. Although there have been many times All the QB's have faced duress by Miami's defense, it seems as if, they are still able to escape and make a play. I'm hopefully they'll be better than last year.

Oh agreed! But one thing oppenents have really started studying is how to beat our pressure 0. So are they failing to get to the QB(reasonably for TC) and leaving gaps in the defense that the offense is taking advantage of?

Teams absolutely will spend a portion of the season figuring out how to defeat it.

Hopefully we have enough variation in our calls, wrinkles in our pressure look, and a few other things to offset it.

Honestly, being able to bring pressure with our down 4 would be the best of all worlds.


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Mar 12, 2006
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It seems like Tua so often has better second halves. He just always seems to learn so quickly. Dilfer called him a "one-rep" guy in terms of learning concepts. I suspect that we'll learn to believe (again) that we're never out of it as long as we have Tua.
Nick Saban believed it.

And got the National Championship as a result.
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