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Sched comes out tommorow.


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Sep 3, 2001
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Updating last night's story, the AP reports it has learned the NFL ended its push for late-season scheduling flexibility to help ABC's sagging Monday Night Football ratings and will release the 2002 schedule on Thursday. "The league will use the same format as in the past for Monday Night Football," an NFL source said Wednesday on condition of anonymity.

That's too bad. I was really hoping for some flexibility there in order to make MNF more interesting. Some of these games recently (Foreskins v. The Boys both at 0-7) have really sucked and deserved to be kicked off the national spotlight. :(

Oh well, maybe we'll get lucky and wind up with some good games this year.

P.S. Miami better get more than one MNF game this year, we got ripped off last year. :yell:
I am upset that FOX and CBS won't do the MNF thing for the last four games but it really won't be that big a deal. I gotta get my Dolphins tickets in New York soon, so I can't wait for the schedule.
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