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senior bowl im excited!


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Jan 17, 2007
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looking very foward to this game i want to see how bowe does i'm a big fan of taking ginn at 9 but if bowe has a great game i just might change my mind!also i want to see all these qb's preform especially smith stanton kolb palmer and leak!you dolfans?
Damn Bryan you stole my thunder!

I feel Bowe is a Antwan Boldin type of player.
I hoping the Fins give BOWe a HARD look at number nine or by trading Back !
also im excited to see a guy like eric weddle the db from utah who we can snatch later in the draft watching this kid all week he is always around the football and that's what we need ballhawking db's and safties!
At 1 pm but what channel? nfl Network?
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